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Love Scottish -  Black Pomegranate Soy was Candle

Love Scottish - Black Pomegranate Soy was Candle

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This is a fruity blend of pomegranate with hints of plum, petouli, cedar wood. Blended with natural soy wax. This candle is a best seller. Filled full of scent it offers an amazing scent throw lit or unlit. The approx burn time is 30 for the standard and 40-45 hours for the large.

Burn Instructions

Remove candle from packaging before lighting, retain the box for future reference. During the first burn allow the candle to burn long enough to melt to the edge of the glass, creating a melt pool. This prevents tunneling. Ensure candle wick is trimmed to 5mm before burning. Do not exceed burn time of 4 hours for 20cl and 30cl jars. For 9cl votive do not exceed 2 hours. If smoking occurs extinguish the candle, allow to cool and trim the wick to 5mm before relighting. Always remove trimmings and debris before lighting. Do not leave a candle burning unattended or near children or pets. Do not place a candle on or near other heat sources, and never directly on furniture. Burn your candle indoors away from drafts and do not move when lit. Discontinue use and extinguish candle when 1cm of wax remains. Extinguish with care as wax may splatter